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Business & Professional

Discover a new realm of efficiency with Webwitch - your dedicated partner for business tech solutions. From small home based businesses just getting started to large enterprises, our expertise to meet the unique needs of your business.


Whether it's setting up secure networks, providing tech support, or delving into business development and marketing strategies, we've got the expertise to propel your business forward.


With flexible availability, even outside regular business hours, we ensure minimal disruption and maximum productivity for your business.


Let Webwitch be your Digital Sorcerer and guide to a seamless integration of magic and technology in your business realm.


With a customer-centric focus, Webwitch efficiently address IT concerns, minimize downtime, and maximize productivity.

For Startups through to large enterprise, Webwitch is your go-to for dependable digital services and tech support.

Computer Cleaning & Maintenance

   - Computer file cleaning and system maintenance

   - Diagnosis, tech support, domain, and hosting services

   - Run speed tests, d-frags, disk clean ups, backups, and restores

   - Building custom computer systems 

Webwitch will clean your computer in a jiffy so it is sparkling bright like a Stepford Wife’s home before her husband gets home from work. 


We handle the housekeeping and weave our magic over your desktop, laptop or device so everything is neat, clean and efficient.

Affordable packages for computer cleaning and maintenance, ensuring your devices are sparkling and efficient.

- Basic cleaning package from $150 per device.

   - Advanced cleaning and maintenance: $150 - $300 per device.

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Two Computer Screens

Website Design, Development & Online Presence Solutions

   - Website strategy and solutions

   - Online store setup

   - CRM & CMS solutions

bulk Email & sms marketing

   - Real estate software cloud solutions

- E-commerce Solutions   

Webwitch Website design and development services offer pricing tailored to the complexity of your project.

Wildly talented and able to whip your website into a professional, functional, responsive website that will deliver the results you need.

Webwitch offers custom pricing for strategic guidance on websites, software, and marketing solutions.

- Basic website design: $800 - $2,000.

    - Complex website development: $2,000 - $5,000 or more.

- Web strategy consulting: $100 - $300 per hour.

- Website development: Custom quotes, starting from $1,000.

Protective Services

- Password & Cyber Protection   

- EMF protection and safety solutions

- Custom protective solutions

Webwitch Protective services priced based on the solutions you need to safeguard yourself from the negative aspects of technology.

Webwitch is mistress of the tech and natural world and can guide you to ways to protect yourself from the negative aspects of technology. 


Sourcing protective crystals, emf protection cases and chips, Bluelight and Earthing shields, meters and wearables to keep you safe while you work and play in the world of technology.

Webwitch can also source and set up optimum Password management software and cyber protection strategies to keep your data and information safe.

- EMF protection and safety solutions: $50 - $300 per service.

- Custom protective solutions: Custom quotes, starting from $180.

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Creative Services

- Marketing materials and branding

   - Print and digital media services, Advertising collateral creation

   - Creative services Logos, Brand Identity

Graphic Design and Content Creation

Webwitch's creative services pricing depends on the complexity and scale of your design and content needs.

Our graphic designer and content creator lives and breathes colour, vibrancy and creativity.  Marketing materials and branding, print and digital media, advertising collateral, invitations … the options are limited only by imagination!

Basic graphic design projects: $100 - $500.

   Complex design or branding work: $500 - $2,000 or more.

Technology Training & Education

   - How-to Guides and 1-1 training sessions

   - Training and tech help for various devices and platforms including Mac, Windows, iphone, Android and all software/apps 

- Personalised group training sessions

   - How-to guides and training packages

Webwitch offers personalised training and guidance packages with clear pricing structures, making IT education accessible.

Webwitch is your very own Professor of Technology guiding you through the world of IT in a supportive, engaging energy. 

How To Guides and 1-1 training sessions conducted virtually with a direct line into your devices. 

Webwitch is a natural born teacher, ready and willing to share her knowledge and skill sets with all who need her.

- Personalised training sessions: $100 - $150 per hour.

   - How-to guides &training packages custom pricing

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Image by Nathan Dumlao

Social Media Services

 - Social Media Profile setup and management

   - Content creation for social media

   - Implementation of Social Media Strategies

   - Reels, Posts, and Stories creation

- SEO and Digital Marketing

Webwitch's Social media services offer options for various package sizes and strategies to suit your needs.

Webwitch sets up Social Media Profiles, creates content for socials, can implement your Social Media Strategies, creates Reels, Posts and Stories in the blink of an eye.

Social media setup and content creation: $100 - $500.

   Social media strategy & campaigns: Custom quotes from $500.


Software & Hardware Support

 - Software and hardware recommendations

   - Software and hardware set up and training

   - Tech help for Mac and Windows, iPhone, and Android

  - Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace set up and support

   - Computer/Phone Email set up and assistance

   - Support for specific platforms & software such as Square, Xero, MYOB, Online Stores, Real Estate Software, Practice Management

Microsoft Office Suite, Google Apps, Canva, Adobe

Customised quotation can be provided based on specific requirements from $100 per hour.


Administration & Virtual Assistance

 - Virtual Assistant services

   - General administration

   - Travel and diary management

- Home Office Setup

- General Office Management

   - Events Management & Support

- Custom quotes based on the complexity of the client's IT needs.


Granting webwishes is Webwitch's speciality.

With a flick of the wrist and a wave of the magic wand, we can make all your IT dreams come true.

Webwitch's governance and compliance services are priced according to the specific documents and processes you require.

Webwitch makes sure that everything is as it should be formulating documents, Policies and Procedures, Operating Manuals, Business Plans and registrations.

- Document and policy creation: $100 - $2000 per document.

    - Comprehensive compliance consulting: Custom from $500.

  - Depending on the scope, prices may range from $150 per hour 

Marketing & Business Development

- Marketing materials and branding

   - Print and digital media services, Advertising collateral creation

Overseeing all aspects of strategy and solutions for all your  

Webwitch provides Marketing campaign services with customisable packages to meet your specific promotional needs.

Webwitch can assist you with your Marketing campaigns implement and development. 

Webwitch is a sorceress of strategies and solutions and will help you develop the campaigns and set up the platforms to ensure you can promote your business or event in the best possible way.

Webwitch offers custom pricing for strategic guidance on websites, software, and marketing solutions.

 Marketing strategy & campaign setup: Custom quotes from $500.

    Ongoing marketing management: Monthly fees from $500.

Web design studio

Unleash efficiency with Webwitch, your tech partner for startups, small to large businesses and to enterprises. 


Let Webwitch be your Digital Sorcerer for seamless magic in your business realm.

IT Support Services - Wish for Seamless Tech Harmony

Webwitch, I wish for seamless tech support! Can you help with troubleshooting my Mac, setting up my small business IT infrastructure, and ensuring my devices are in top-notch health?"

Contact us by email below or book a free 30 minute web wish discover call for an obligation free consultation, share with us your web wishes, and we'll work our magic to provide you with a competitive pricing proposal to make your web wishes come true.

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